Throughout July 2005 the Make Poverty History campaign was huge news across the world and was being spearheaded by numerous UK Charities in particular. This online component of the wider campaign was a true first in that three rival digital agencies temporarily hung up their gloves and teamed up to realise it.

Agency Republic (creative direction, design & project management), AKQA (art direction & flash development) and glue London (flash development and backend) worked together under an extremely tight deadline and zero funding to produce a site which caught the imagination of people across the world and achieved extensive press coverage.

The original idea, which won the first of the FT's "World's Toughest Briefs", was to provide a place where supporters of the Make Poverty History campaign who were unable to make it to Edinburgh to protest could make themselves heard online. Every member of our virtual Edinburgh joined a petition which was passed on to MPH to be added to the Live8List.